Recovering Associate Professor of Philosophy


Lisa Kretz is a widely published public philosopher (including publications in non-academic and therefore more publicly accessible and freely available spheres) who has given over 100 presentations on topics such as Hope and Climate Change, Anti-Oppression Theory, Practical Ethics, and on a number of individual issues (e.g. Scholars for Syria: "How to Be Ethical: Seeding Moral Action" Lisa is interested in teaching their current understanding of ethics and positive social change to anyone who wants to learn. Moreover Lisa is looking to support movement of academic trainees directly into the art and magic of teaching ethics, so is happy to train those who aspire to teach in the future. To this end free classes are available to anyone interested, email LKRETZ@DAL.CA for details with the header for your email reading "School for Philosophical Ethics."


Doctorate of Philosophy (Environmental Ethics Specialization), Dalhousie University; Master of Philosophy (Environmental Aesthetics Specialization), University of Alberta; Bachelor of Education (Areas of Concentration: English and Art), The University of Western Ontario; Bachelor of Arts (Areas of Concentration Visual Arts and Philosophy), The University of Western Ontario. Beginning a PhD in Education Fall of 2021.